Is that really useful by taking fat-burning pills?

The name of this product is called “burn ointment”, which is said to be coated on the surface of the skin of the human body. After a few minutes, it can be surprised to see the effect of rapid weight loss. More importantly, you want to be thin and thin.

This product simply pokes a lot of Slacker’s heart. But it’s a really easy thing to lose weight. In order to verify whether the fat cream is really useful, Xiaobian specifically checked the ingredients of this product. This product is mainly composed of capsaicin, followed by Ginkgo and other ingredients.

Capsaicin is known to burn fat. However, no scientific research shows that capsaicin smeared on the skin also has the effect of burning fat in the air. Because of the skin barrier, twenty minutes of surface smear will not have any capsaicin through the epidermis, the dermis to reach the subcutaneous tissue of fat, even if it is very small, can be ignored.

Most importantly, capsicum has the danger of burning the skin. You will feel intense stimulation within a few seconds of smearing capsaicin, and will get more and more uncomfortable and restless in the next few minutes.

The irritation of the cream to the skin is great, and it has little effect. We should not listen to the miraculous and exaggerated effects of the weight loss products and hurt themselves.

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